Prof.  Yan-Cherng Lin Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
E-mail: ycline@nkut.edu.tw
Tel: 049-2563489 ext.1202

Major Duties:

1. Integrating affairs of the Secretariat Office

2. Integrating evaluation related to the Plan of School Development

3. Affairs related to Accreditation and visit of the Ministry of Education

4. Affairs related to the Integrated Supervision of the Ministry of Education

5. System of internal control

6. Supervising official documents and University news release

7. Calling meeting for Administrative Council as well as the University Affairs

8. Supervising all the important plans and projects

9. Coordinating administrative affairs of the University

10. Administrative affairs related to the University image and public relations

11. Businesses related to the International & Cross-Strait Affairs

12. Gender Equality Education

13. Communicating with the Board

14. Other assigned matters by the President

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, National Central University

Dean of College of Engineering
Chairman of Graduate School of Vehicle & Mechatronic Industry

Research Expertise
Electrical Discharge Machining
Non-traditional Machining
Mechanical Materials
Vehicle Engineering

Deputy: Yu-Chen Chou, Yu-Ling Liu, Su-Min Chang
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