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NameYi-Fang Hsu
Office phone number049-2563489*1205
Job titleAssistant
1. Scheduling activities for the President
2. Controlling documents in and out of the Presidential Office
3. Managing letters, e-mails, and phone calls for the President
4. In charge of the contact and minutes of University-Affair Coordination Meeting presided by
the President
5. In charge of the President’s project and its evaluation-related tasks
6. Notifying urgent documents form the Ministry of Education
7. Gift purchasing, control, and preservation
8. Supervising cash, monthly bank saving, and subpoena
9. Assisting overseas recruitment activities
10. Managing affairs concerning part-time student workers
11. Implementing additional tasks assigned by the President and the Secretary-General
12. Carrying out additional tasks among colleagues at Office of Secretariat

Deputy: Yi-Tai Chen
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