The Wooden Bridge in Nankai

Poster:Yi-Tai ChenPost date:2013-08-02
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Do you still remember that once upon a time there was a romantic wooden bridge in Nan Kai?
 Before 921 earthquake, a semicircular “Hsu-Ren Building” had stood in this campus. Near the center of that round classroom area, a small, quiet pond was there, with swimming fish within and a wooden bridge above. Autumn leaves fell upon both the surface of brideg and water. Walking across the bridge, you can feel something romantic, and nothingness.
People arounf Nan Kai like to visit here, especially children. However, the pond and bridge located in the mound. Over-heated children often fell into the pond from the bridge or the mound, which had no railing at all. For safety, we sieged the pond with cold metal railing. Wooden bridge was also relaced by concrete one, with matal railing too. Something died but something died hard. After 921, all was gone except our memory of it.
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