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NameYi-Tai Chen
Office phone number049-2563489ext1207
Job titleEngineer
Responsibilities1. Calling meeting for University Affairs Assembly
2. Calling meeting, recording, and submitting the minute for Council of University Affairs Developing Foundation
3. Receiving and registering presents from intercollegiate interchanges
4. Interacting with the media and announcement of University-related news
5. Checking University-related news daily
6. Revising and editing videos related to the development of university affairs
7. Image advertisement and identity system
8. On-campus and off-campus donation
9. Editing Nan Kai E-paper
10. Gathering information related to history and yearbook of the University
11. Updating and maintaining the website
12. Assisting overseas recruitment activities
13. Implementing additional tasks assigned by the President and the Secretary-General
14. Carrying out additional tasks among colleagues at Office of Secretariat

Deputy: Ming-Fang Hsu
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