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NameChang.Yen Ling
Office phone number049-2563489轉1638
Job titleAssistant
Responsibilities1. Implementation of document retrieving, sending, and sub-turn
2. Issuing a number to request and dispatch a document
3. Expediting, sign-up, and accessing official documents, file scanning, file management, and consulting
4. Document expediting process
5. Making monthly report for effects of processing official document
6. Relevant documents in the mail room
(amending relevant regulations and general official documents, etc.), relevant affairs of the sign-up process and various resources
7. Managing all types of stationery, equipment, supplies, and office property
8. Safekeeping and using school chops
9. Staff management at the Joint Service Center
10. Cleanliness and security maintenance of the Mail Room
11. Additional tasks assigned by the superintendent
12. Carrying out additional tasks among colleagues at Office of Secretariat

Deputy: Ming-Fang Hsu,Yi-Tai Chen
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