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NameChen-Hsuan Wu
Office phone number049-2563489*1205
Job title辦事員
1. Scheduling activities for the President
2. Controlling documents in and out of the Presidential Office
3. Managing letters, e-mails, and phone calls for the President
4. In charge of the contact and minutes of University-Affair Coordination Meeting presided by
the President
5. In charge of the President’s project and its evaluation-related tasks
6. Notifying urgent documents form the Ministry of Education
7. Gift purchasing, control, and preservation
8. Supervising cash, monthly bank saving, and subpoena
9. Managing affairs concerning part-time student workers
10. Implementing additional tasks assigned by the President and the Secretary-General
11. Carrying out additional tasks among colleagues at Office of Secretariat

Deputy: Yi-Tai Chen
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